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Travel Guidelines

JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort & Spa is SHA EXTRA PLUS certified and participates in the “Test & Go” and “Phang-Nga Sandbox” program.

You can always apply for a visa to Thailand via your local Thai Embassy in your respective country. Although, Visa on Arrival is allowed from certain countries, it’s essential for you to ensure important documents and arrangements are in place. Please refer to the following link:

Please ensure that you review the following link to be updated on the latest entry requirements prior to planned travel to Thailand. The requirement for a Thailand Pass is still in effect as of 9th of March 2022.

As of the 9th of March 2022, if you wish to travel into Thailand, there is a ‘Test & Go’ scheme in place, where a 1-day quarantine and testing is done directly at a government authorized SHA+ hotel. If tested negative, you are free to leave; if tested positive, you will be contacted by the hotel’s partner hospital and will be provided more information on the next steps. The JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort & Spa is a SHA+ hotel and participates in Test & Go. 

Please click on the following link for more information:

About Thailand

Welcome to Thailand – the “Land of Smiles” – where a smile follows every experience!

Thailand is known for its unbeatable hospitality, courteous behavior and a strong, peace loving culture. The country is filled with numerous islands surrounded by mother nature’s beauty and natural waters and beaches. The juicy coconuts that fall from the trees are refreshing and are definitely a popular choice for tourists at every meal! 

Elephants are the national animals of the country and no doubt will leave you falling in love with them at an instant encounter! 

There are approx 30,000 temples around Thailand to keep up with the love and respect for Buddhism as well as the spirited heritage that has passed down from generations. The temples are definitely worth experiencing! 

Thailand is the largest exporter of orchids, a symbol of wealth, beauty, love and strength; they’re the perfect bloom to celebrate all of life’s precious moments.

 The official Thai language partially came from Sanskrit, which is why some words/names sound familiar to Indians. However, the Thai language has 72 characters in the Thai Alphabet (44 consonants and 28 vowels); it is no wonder the language sounds so sweet and soft ;)

The capital of Thailand is Bangkok, now formally called “Krungthep Mahanakhon”, which means, the “City of Angels”. The city is a place where divinity is observed and heavenly attendants reside by the command of Lord Indra and Vishvakarma.

Thailand homes the world’s largest solid gold Buddha structure and is located in Wat Traimit of Bangkok. This extraordinary structure is 99% pure gold and weighs 5.5 tonnes.

Bangkok has a blend of old and new; you will experience lots of culture, art and history being preserved, whilst the city is also buzzing commercially with lots of fun shopping, floating markets, night bazaars, exotic thai food, spa, massages and nightlife entertainment (bars, clubs and shows). Did you know? Red Bull rooted from Thailand – known as Krathing Deng, a popular energy drink served across Asia at one time and then modified to suit the western world. Pretty cool huh?

Phuket is the biggest Island at the South of Thailand and resides on the Andaman Sea. It is one of the hotspots for tourists from all around the world because of the beautiful resorts, white beaches, nightlife and food. Flying into Phuket gives you easy access to other fun provinces such as Phang-nga, Krabi, Khao Lak. Just remember to pronounce it as “Phoo Ket” and not otherwise ;)

Koh Samui is the second largest island and is situated along the Gulf of Thailand, another popular destination for a lot of tourists because of the white clear beaches (depending on the weather), fresh coconuts, rainforests and luxury resorts.

Chiang Mai is the largest city in the North of Thailand and if you’re not a beach person then this is definitely your stop because of the picturesque mountains, the historical temples and the rich culture. This charming city is known as the “Rose of the North” because of the unique artistic, cultural activities and festivities. 

Khao Lak is known for its beautiful relaxing coastline beaches right at the Andaman Sea and is located on the West Coast of Thailand. It’s a series of touristic villages that is family friendly as well as a great getaway for couples and even divers!

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Please see below for suggested attire:
  Welcome Dinner: Cocktail / Indian Fusion
  Afterparty: Cocktail / Club (outfit change from Welcome Dinner is optional)
  Pooja: Indian Casual
  Pool Party: Beachwear / Chic
  Sangeet: Indian Formal
  Wedding Day: Traditional Indian Formal (on the lawn)
  Reception: Black Tie Formal

Kindly RSVP at and our wedding planners will be sending you an email with important information about how to book your hotel room and airport transfer.

Kindly RSVP at and our wedding planners will be sending you an email with important information about how to book your hotel room and airport transfer.

Please contact our Hospitality team at [email protected] for assistance with your arrangements.

The Weather in all parts of Thailand in June is warm and sunny, ranging between 30-33°C. However, there are expectations of light rain and occasional showers during this time as this is usually the time when the weather transitions from being sunny to early monsoon.