A Collaborative Effort in Creating Smiles and Changing Lives | Liverpool FC Foundation | Event Planner in Thailand

In a heartwarming collaboration, the Liverpool Football Club Foundation, DKSH, and Right To Play Thailand teamed up to bring joy and essential life skills to Bangkok’s disadvantaged children. Niramit Creations, a leading corporate event planner in Thailand, managed every detail to ensure the event was spectacular and impactful. This initiative not only created lasting memories but also made a real difference in the children’s lives.

When Niramit Creations was approached to organize this significant event, we knew it was more than just about planning activities; it was about creating a transformative experience. The planning process spanned over a month, involving meticulous site visits, location setup, venue decorations, event light and sound arrangements. Our team also provided on-ground photography and videography services to capture every precious moment.

Communication was key throughout this process. We maintained constant contact with the event hosts, ensuring that every detail aligned perfectly with their vision. Our efforts were greatly appreciated, but the most significant reward was witnessing the children’s smiles and joy on the event day.

The event marked the launch of a groundbreaking program focused on helping young people in Bangkok’s underprivileged areas. These neighborhoods, often plagued by rising crime and limited safe spaces for children, were ideal for an initiative aimed at fostering life and leadership skills. The goal was clear: to help children learn, lead, and succeed in a challenging environment.

The launch took place in RimThang Rod Fai Sa Tha Rua, a community area under a flyover. This unique venue choice highlighted the resilience and optimism of the Thai people, capable of transforming any space into a vibrant community hub. The event’s success was a testament to the enduring spirit of the “Land of Smiles.”

The day was filled with a variety of sports and engaging activities. Traditional games like chair ball and futsal were complemented by painting and dance performances by the children. Innovative relay races and other interactive games added to the fun. These activities were designed to develop critical skills such as self-confidence, communication, and resilience.

This initiative goes beyond just a single event. Coaches will continue to support young people in these spaces, helping them make important life choices, avoid crime and gangs, and engage more meaningfully with their communities. The program’s long-term goal is to create a safer, more supportive environment for children to grow and thrive.

The partnership between DKSH and Right To Play has been creating positive change for over 13 years. The addition of the Liverpool F.C. Foundation, the official charity of one of the world’s most renowned football clubs, brings additional expertise and enthusiasm. The involvement of Liverpool F.C. fans and local supporters add an extra layer of spirit and support.

The success of this event is a powerful reminder of what can be achieved through a shared commitment to making a difference. The innovative partnership between Liverpool Football Club Foundation, DKSH, and Right To Play Thailand, supported by Niramit Creations’ meticulous planning and execution, has created a positive ripple effect in the community. At Niramit Creations, we are proud to have played a part in this transformative initiative and look forward to more opportunities to bring joy and positive change to communities in need.

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Photography and Videography by our in-house team: Studio Niramit

Corporate event planner: Niramit Creations

Venue: RimThang Rod Fai Sa Tha Rua

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Kindly RSVP at CKML22.com and our wedding planners will be sending you an email with important information about how to book your hotel room and airport transfer.

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