Moonactive Thailand Hosts Engaging Perfume Workshop and High Tea Event | By Niramit Creations Corporate Event Planning Team

Moonactive Thailand recently organized an enchanting perfume workshop and high tea event for their team. Niramit Creations showcased their exceptional skills as an experienced event agency in Bangkok by organizing this immersive event by providing a perfect blend of creativity and relaxation, leaving the participants with unforgettable memories and unique personalized perfumes.

The event kicked off with a warm welcome from the Moonactive team, setting a friendly and collaborative atmosphere. Attendees were then guided through the intricate process of perfume making, learning about various essential oils, botanical ingredients, and fragrance combinations. The hands-on experience, guided by the team from Soap Opera Bangkok  allowed each participant to craft their own signature scent, adding a personal touch to the workshop. The workshop was a hit, fostering team spirit and creativity among the participants. 

Following the engaging workshop, the team indulged in an exquisite high tea setup. The beautifully arranged table featured an array of delectable treats, from delicate pastries to savory bites, all presented with artistic flair. The high tea experience provided a perfect opportunity for the team to unwind, socialize, and enjoy the luxurious ambiance.

The event, organized by Niramit Creations, a leading event agency in Bangkok, not only showcased our expertise in creating memorable experiences but also highlighted Moonactive’s commitment to fostering a positive and engaging work environment. The combination of the creative workshop and the relaxing high tea made this event a standout, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

For businesses seeking to boost team morale and creativity, collaborating with a reputable event agency in Bangkok, like the one behind this successful event, is a surefire way to ensure a well-organized and impactful experience.

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Corporate event planner: Niramit Creations

Venue: T-One Building

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Kindly RSVP at and our wedding planners will be sending you an email with important information about how to book your hotel room and airport transfer.

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