Venchi’s Luxury Chocolate Team Building Extravaganza in Bangkok: A Triumph of Collaboration and Inspiration | Event Agency Thailand

Recently, the illustrious luxury chocolate brand Venchi orchestrated a captivating team-building event in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. The rendezvous took place at the prestigious JW Marriott Bangkok, where the esteemed Asia Pacific team congregated to commemorate their collective accomplishments over the years. Throughout the three-day affair, attendees, affectionately referred to as Domani, in Italian it means, future. However, in this context, the “dreamers of tomorrowland,” engaged in a multitude of activities aimed at reflecting on Venchi’s past, present, and future, fostering camaraderie, and basking in the vibrant culture of Bangkok.

Kicking off the event in grandeur, Venchi commenced proceedings with enlightening keynote presentations delivered by esteemed regional leaders. These presentations not only shed light on the brand’s goals and achievements but also served as inspirational fuel for the attendees. Amidst the intellectually stimulating sessions, participants were divided into teams, fostering alliances and camaraderie as they delved into various team-building activities. Each individual not only absorbed the valuable insights shared but also wholeheartedly supported their teammates in every endeavor.

Following a day filled with enlightenment and collaboration, participants were treated to an enchanting dinner aboard a luxurious river cruise traversing the picturesque Chao Phraya river. Against the backdrop of Bangkok’s mesmerizing cityscape illuminated by the night, the atmosphere was electrified by the soulful tunes of a funky band. Just when the night couldn’t get any more magical, Niramit Creations astounded the team with a breathtaking fireworks display, leaving everyone in awe and further cementing the memories of the evening.

The second day dawned with renewed vigor as attendees immersed themselves in a series of invigorating workshops and captivating keynote speeches. However, the highlight of the day awaited in the form of the Olympic Games at Benjasiri Park. Twelve teams, fueled by competitive spirit, vied for supremacy, engaging in a myriad of challenges to accrue the highest points. As the sun set, the Venchi team transitioned seamlessly into a Tomorrowland-themed gala dinner, an opulent affair replete with extravagant props, awe-inspiring performances, delectable cuisine, and an awards presentation honoring outstanding achievements.

As the event entered its final day, emotions ran high as participants bid farewell to newfound friends and cherished memories. The culmination came in the form of a final team-building activity, wherein teams collaborated to construct a functioning machine, symbolizing the collective ingenuity and teamwork emblematic of Venchi’s ethos.

Amidst the flurry of farewells, Niramit Creations diligently gathered feedback, laying the groundwork for future endeavors. With hearts full of gratitude and minds brimming with inspiration, the Venchi team departed, leaving behind a legacy of camaraderie, achievement, and unforgettable moments etched in the annals of time.

Photography and Videography by our in-house team: Studio Niramit
Corporate event planner: Niramit Creations
JW Marriott Bangkok Sukhumvit

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